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Where new projects and innovative ideas are born, I have to be there. If you want to manage your activities strategically, let me find the best route.

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Strategic and futuristic

I see patterns where others see complexity and I can bring creative anticipation, imagination and persistence to your projects.

Connect the dots

That's the magic. Thanks to my experience in several disciplines, from communication to graphic design, I know how things work.

Details. Details everywhere

I believe that God is in the details and details make perfection. Don't expect any half-baked solutions from me. Excellence, not average, is my measure.

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It doesn't matter if you are a small agency or corporate business. If you are passionate about your work, we will be a perfect match.

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My favorite projects are those that come from scratch. Take a closer look at the case studies of some of the activities and projects I have managed.

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I've been gaining experience in start-up agencies as well as in multinational companies. As a freelancer, I connect the dots and transform my marketing, communication and technology skills into strategic project management.

Digital Projects Specialist & Idea Maker



Creativity, marketing, and communication are my love. As I wanted to combine them with what I had learned by project management, I decided to continue as a freelancer and help brands as an independent consultant. Thanks to that I can work for clients such as Google, Česká televize, or Město Příbram.

My primary role was in the LCS (Large Customer Sales) team, specifically in the agency team that took care of digital, media, and creative agencies. However, I also helped the marketing team and engaged in non-profit activities. My projects included:

  • testing and giving feedback on an internal tool for event organization

  • developing a dashboard for event ROI evaluation

  • developing and testing an internal microsite designed to generate universal event templates

  • creating an inspiring newsletter for creative agencies

  • organizing the very first cross-functional offsite for Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary

During the one year internship in children's news programme Zprávičky, my primary task was to bring the content from online sources into the daily broadcast:

  • The number of broadcasted user-generated videos has increased by 64% (compared to 2016)

  • We launched a new Instagram account. UGC like photos, short videos, comments, or results of polls are still used in the broadcast. What is more, it was the first Instagram account for a single programme in the Czech Television

  • We started preparing an online guide for school televisions about the principles of filming.

As a digital media specialist at doblogoo, a young and powerful PR agency, I helped brands such as Lotus Bakeries Česká republika, Electrolux or AEG maximize engagement and results through digital media. My responsibilities were:

  • creating own content (copywriting, photo shooting)

  • managing and executing campaigns on FB (Business Manager, Power Editor)

  • preparing concepts, strategies, budgets, and reports

  • managing websites (Electrolux and AEG)

During an eight months long internship, I had a chance to experience the life of a PR agency intern for the first time. I worked for clients such as IKEA Česká republika, Jan Becher – Pernod Ricard, Lotus Bakeries Česká republika, Electrolux, illy, or Climax. I was responsible for:

  • copywriting, proofreading, translating

  • social media management

  • preparing press releases and press kits, keeping contact with journalists, updating media lists, evaluating media monitoring

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